Those Who Live Long Forgotten (Volume 2)


Myths never die. They cough away into obscurity, and settle into the comfortable spot just beyond our vision.


You would never believe the broken down salt who moves from ship to ship, never staying long, was once the mile-high marvel Alfred Bulltop Stormalong. Nor would you believe John Paul Jones caught the attention of a spirit of the ocean, a spirit out to collect her due two hundred years later. Nor would you even stop to question the impossibility of a tree nymph’s troubles with otherkin, the scraps of belief a ha’penny goddess must subsist on, or just how far into the past Dracula’s history stretches.


No, you wouldn’t believe a word of it.


Featuring stories by Dale W. Glaser, Wm. Bernan, Elizabeth Hopkinson, Marc Sorondo, L.T. Patridge, Owen Kerr, Edward Ahern, Ken MacGregor, and Ro McNulty.

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