Pizza Parties and Poltergeists


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Award-Winning curator Nicole Petit presents the most tubular look into the supernatural world of the 1980s.

You know where the monsters are. Whether at the Megaplex or the Arcade, they’re sealed behind the screen. Aliens or maniacs in masks, sinister stars or four committed ghosts, you know how to handle these: hide your face from the screen, or bring a lot of quarters. But for all of that, the truly uncanny lurks just out of sight.

Possessed Betamax tapes take over an Australian town. A teenager finds the horrors behind the scenes at her local mall. A special effects technician finds himself haunted. Take the fates of characters in your own hands as you pick a path, guiding a girl through a lifetime surrounded by transforming toys. Still more lurk in the shadows.

Pizza Parties & Poltergeists features all new stories by Suzanne Grieco Mattaboni, Tina Marie DeLucia, Natalie Potts, Mark Wheaton, Christine Makepeace, Kara Dennison, Josh Reynolds, Jon Black, Cayce Osborne, and Joshua Wanisko.

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Also available from Amazon (US), AMAZON (CA), & Amazon (UK) in Kindle and PRINT.


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