Cryptid Clash (#1.1): The Mouth of the Ness


William Meikle


Loch Ness Monster vs. Kraken


“Then come, brother,” the seer said. “Let us make such an end as the songs are made of—even if none are left to sing them.”


Called to a strange, Scottish abbey by a Wyrd vision, a band of Vikings discovers a monster which may usher in the end of the world. It emerged from the Loch Ness with its deadly long neck, and their weapons could not harm it. Were that not bad enough, soon this monster from the Loch Ness would battle a Viking legend with eight longboat-destroying arms…


The Mouth of the Ness is the first volume of Cryptid Clash!, a series which pits cryptozoological creatures against each other in fights to the death. Storytelling master William Meikle kicks off the series.


Cryptid Clash! features horror, urban fantasy, and military sci-fi luminaries such as William Meikle, Gav Thrope, David Annandale, C.L. Werner, Nikki Nelson-Hicks, and Josh Reynolds.

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