Cryptid Clash (#1.6): Inzignanin


Josh Reynolds


Lizard Man vs. The Third-Eyed Man


You can’t hurt me, Inzignanin. I have no bones to break, no flesh to tear. Only mud and mortar. Now settle down, so we can get this done.


It’s worse than Sevastopol.


Jesse Holmes had been hired to capture the Bishopville Lizard Man. The creature had been the town’s claim to fame, standing alongside such luminaries as 1945 Heisman Trophy winner, Felix ‘Doc’ Blanchard, and the bluesman, Drink Small. There’s only so much danger that can come out of town like that. Even more so, when you consider the Lizard Man’s mostly known for chewing on car bumpers.


But it’s nine feet tall, with nearly impervious scales. It’s from another age, in more ways than one–and ready for war.


That’s to say nothing of cryptozoological scientists, strip-mall lawyers, businessmen with ethereal connections, and a Civil War-era ghost pulling a city’s strings.


It’s far worse than Sevastopol.


From Josh Reynolds, Inzignanin is the sixth volume of Cryptid Clash!, a series which pits cryptozoological creatures against each other in fights to the death. Cryptid Clash! features horror, urban fantasy, and military sci-fi luminaries such as William Weikle, Gav Thorpe, David Annandale, C.L. Werner, Nikki Nelson-Hicks, and Josh Reynolds.



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