Kara Dennison joins the gang for a delightful discussion of her Doctor Who fiction, her light novel paranormal romance series Owl’s Flower, the Arthurian Legends (much to James’ delight), anime & her Crunchyroll reporting (much to Ben’s delight), and her writing process (much to MH’s tea-snorting delight). It’s one of our all-time favorite interviews. You can’t miss it!

In the host discussion, Ben and James are inspired by Owl’s Flower and discuss the history of slice-of-life fiction. From the genre’s start with the literal beginning of the novel medium through to its surprising disappearance, with side-trips through anime, sitcoms, and more anime. James is excited to discuss Samuel Richardson’s Pamela, which never comes into conversation. Ben is excited to discuss anime, which never comes into The Raconteur Roundtable conversation. It’s a win-win topic.

Stranger Tales of the City

Stranger Tales of the City

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