Shadows over Avalon (Volume 1)



Award-Winning curator Nicole Petit presents a dark fantasy clash between the Cthulhu Mythos and Arthurian Legend.

When King Arthur pulled the sword from the stone, he established more than a nation. He established an ideal. Where righteousness and learning could thrive. Where valiant knights battled evil. Camelot, the incorruptible dream.

From beyond the stars and before time, something stirs. Spoken of in the Necronomicon, eldritch gods make their influence known. Awakened by loathsome constellations, they arise from sea-locked tombs and turn men’s minds from outer spheres. The Mythos, the corrupting nightmare. 

Tonight, the stars are right over Camelot. Troupes of actors travel the land in patronage to a king draped in yellow, monks turn their service to a god dreaming in the sea, and living storms stalk the winters. How knights such as Gawain, Percival, Ascamore, and Lancelot respond will save or damn all things. 

Shadows Over Avalon: Volume 1 features all new stories by Dylan Freeman, Richard Sheppard, Josh Reynolds, Edward M. Erdelac, Simon Bucher-Jones, Ethan Sabatella, Timothy Williams, Tim Mendees, and Tim Hanlon.

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