From the Dragon Lord’s Library (Volume 1)


Winner of “Best Short Story” from the 2016 PulpArk New Pulp Awards

You can tell a lot about a dragon by their hoard.


Not the shiny one, the other one. The one where they keep their favorite things. Some dragons keep a private stash of dwarven-wrought artifices, and others tapestries that run from wall-to-wall and corner-to-corner. The Dragon Lord himself has a library. A library that devours halls and caves, filling them with every kind of book and codex and scroll.


These are the stories that fill his favorite shelf. Of course they’re his favorites—they’re all about dragons. Pull these stories down. Breath in the vanilla scent that only comes from the oldest books. Savor the writing. Trace your fingers over the calligraphy.


Welcome to the finest library ever known.


Featuring stories by Jilly Paddock, Joanna Hoyt, Claire Davon, J. Patrick Allen, T. Fox Dunham, Dorian Graves, Denarose Fukushima, Kelly A. Harmon, E.A. Fow, Robert W. Caldwell, and Jim Lee.

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  1. Judex

    A very hopeful book!

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