Just So Stories


From Award-Winning Curator Nicole Petit

Best Beloved, have you ever wondered why the whale has such a small throat? Why the elephant has such a long nose? Why cats are such jerks? In 1902, Rudyard Kipling answered these questions in a collection of fables explaining the whys and wherefores of the world in whimsical ways. Kipling answered many of life’s questions, but there are so many more questions to be answered.

How did time learn to be bedtime? Who found the letters of the alphabet, and first minded P and Q? Why does gravity hold us so tight? Why do ducks have such silly voices? How did the firefly receive her flame?

Nicole Petit gathered nine stories to answer these questions, and more, from some of the very best of today’s authors. Additionally, she includes one of Rudyard Kipling’s rarely seen Just So Stories (omitted from most editions), and his all the more rarely seen introduction.


In the days when everyone sought books to read, O Best Beloved, there was a reader ‘sclusively interested in Fairy Tales. ‘Member, it wasn’t Mystery Tales or Magic Tales or Dragon Tales, but the ‘sclusively rich, glimmering, jubilationy Fairy Tales.

After a long time—things went for ever so long in those days—the reader found this very book, O Best Beloved, Just So Stories. Opening the pages—why these stories were the most ‘sclusively rich, glimmering, jubilationy Fairy Tales of all.

The reader bought the book. And from that day to this, the reader has loved Just So Stories best of all.


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