Bel Nemeton: Caledfwlch (Volume 2)


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A globe-trotting quest for the historical King Arthur’s sword

From the Preditors and Editors Readers’ Poll Award-Winning Author Jon Black…

When Dr. Vivian Cuinnsey found Merlin’s tomb, she thought the adventure was over. But now her Merlin exhibition is attacked, drawing her back into danger. There’s just two problems. First, Jake Booker, treasure hunter and her former partner, is held captive by zealous students convinced he is stealing antiquities. Second, someone else wants Arthur’s sword. 

In the present, Vivian and Jake are up against mercenaries, musty academics, and a mysterious swordsman in a two-fisted, and two-brained, adventure. 

In the past, Merlin and the young King Arthur seek out the blade that will unite Britain. A dragonblade. A magical blade that will draw them deep into hostile Pict territory, where nothing is safe and allies are hard to come by.

From crusader tombs to elite fighting rings to the roaring roads of the Autobahn, chase Vivian and Jake in their pursuit of King Arthur’s blade.

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1 review for Bel Nemeton: Caledfwlch (Volume 2)

  1. Sean ODea

    Jon Black has done it again. In the second installment of the Bel Nemeton series, Caledfwlch sees jet-setting treasure hunters Dr. Vivian Cuinnsey and Jake Booker on a frantic, global search for King Arthur’s legendary sword – Excalibur (Caledwlch).

    Black weaves a thrilling tapestry with threads of history, linguistics, archaeology, mythology, mysticism, and metallurgy. Caledfwlch also continues Black’s trademark juxtaposed narratives telling the dangerous story of Dr. Cuinnsey and Mr. Booker along with the bildungsroman of King Arthur under the tutelage of his magical mentor, Merlin (Myrddin). In addition, Black also adds storylines from the Crusades, Ottoman Empire expansion, and turn-of-the-century archaeology. All of these narratives equate to a fantastic, yet plausible, adventure that is a perfect blend of Carmen Sandiego and Clive Cussler that bestows upon you an honorary bachelor’s degree in history.

    From Jacksonville to Tokyo. From dank Pictish caves to ancient Sufi monasteries. From roadside psychics to underground sword-fighting rings, Dr. Cuinnsey will once again roll up her sleeves a deliver a solid right hook to those who seek lost relics for personal profit. And if Jake Booker is a gambling man, which he is, you can wager he will use all his ingenuity, networks, and deep pockets to ensure they both stay ahead of their nefarious counterparts … although there is no such thing as a sure bet.

    If you haven’t been swept away with this series yet, just read a page or two.

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