Overdue: Mystery, Adventure, and the World’s Lost Books



Joining together the worlds of award-winning authors Jon Black’s Bel Nemeton and M.H. Norris’ All the Petty Myths

Throughout history, great books have been lost or are remembered only as myth and legend. Now, the mysterious Booker Foundation has announced it is willing to pay handsomely to have these lost works brought back into the light. These are the stories of those who answered the call.

Overdue: Mystery, Adventure, and the World’s Lost Books presents ten stories of brainy, resourceful, and sometimes unlikely protagonists on quests to retrieve these lost pieces of history. Tales of mystery, adventure, horror, intrigue, and even romance will carry you to every corner of the world. And reveal that there is much more to these lost books than meets the eye.

Featuring stories by Jon Black, M.H. Norris, Kara Dennison, Heidi J. Hewitt, Liam Hogan, R.C. Mulhare, Michael O’Brien, Sean Michael O’Dea, Karen Thrower, and Fio Trethewey, Overdue: Mystery, Adventure, and the World’s Lost Books will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

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