Casefiles of the Royal Occultist (Volume 1): Monmouth’s Giants


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Investigating, Organizing, and Occasionally Suppressing that Which Man Was Not Meant to Know!

Jazz Age Britain is rife with the impossible.

Fashionable unwrapping parties awaken the dead. Ghouls stalk the Underground. Krampus steals the sinful. Famous magicians are kidnapped by shadows.

Only the Royal Occultist can set these right.

Charles St. Cyprian and his assistant, Ebe Gallowglass, defend the British Empire against sinister secret societies, eldritch occurrences, and foul creatures of myth and legend. If there are satyrs running amok in Somerset, or werewolves prowling Wolverhampton, the daring duo will be there to see them off.

Casefiles of the Royal Occultist: Monmouth’s Giants is the first of several volumes collecting all of Josh Reynolds’ Royal Occultist stories, including an all-new, never before published novelette, “Fane of the Black Queen.”

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1 review for Casefiles of the Royal Occultist (Volume 1): Monmouth’s Giants

  1. John C M

    Read several short stories involving these characters before. immensely enjoyed this expanded collection of (for me) new stories

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