Change the Past

Explore the Future

All of time and space are calling you. The only thing you can’t do—is wait.

Paradoxes & Possibilities is a complete, standalone tabletop RPG that will take you and your friends into the farthest reaches of time! A love letter to classic time travel series and films, Paradoxes & Possibilities brings the same joyful adventure and exploration.

Time is the last great mystery. You aim to solve it, or at least explore its majesty. Time traveling is more than a simple die roll—an entire system that pulls you into the dangers and drama of traversing the fourth dimension: operating the devices on board and staving off the corrupting influence of paradox. Dare alien landscapes to refuel, hurry to repair your engines as enemies close in, and discover the secrets that may be lurking deep inside your time machine.

Time is endless possibility. Build a time machine that’s unique to you and your party from a robust system offering 378 mechanically different conveyances. Devices range from a Victorian Apparatus, all burnished brass and shining quartz, to a motor vehicle that blazes into time—or wilder units like spacetime gates or magicians’ boxes.

Time is an adventure. Race across the sinking decks of the HMS Titanic. Battle pirates on the high seas, an unimaginable treasure in the balance. Investigate the most haunted manor in Victorian London. Duel treasure hunters as they pilfer history.

Beyond time, the party has a refuge. Whether they were born there or arrived on their own, the Travelers share a home, which can be situated anywhere in time and space from ancient Rome to the depths of future space. Before venturing out, players define their relationships to each other. Are they rivals, siblings, exes? These relationships are entirely freeform, up to the players themselves. Between journeys, they can build a home worth remembering.

Paradoxes and  Possibilities has everything you need to play right out of the box (except for your trusty dice and friends):

  • The Time Traveler’s Guide: system core rules, separated from the adventures so as to easily hand out to your players (it’s printer friendly version too!)
  • An armory of 58 weapons and tools (with distinct optional rules that seek to capture a weapon’s historical flavor)
  • Five adventures by award-winning authors, including Georgia Cook, M.H. Norris, and Dana Reboe
  • A campaign by historical fiction and TTRPG author Jon Black
  • Fillable and Printer-Friendly Character Sheets
  • Optional Rules to make the game your own
  • The complete core rules in EPUB and MOBI formats for easy reading (via 18thWall or DriveThurRPG)

This release contains six pre-written adventures to take you straight into the excitement! A few of them include…

  • Board the RMS Titanic and match wits against a master thief! 
  • Venture into London’s Most Haunted House!
  • Celebrate a dangerous Christmas by crossing the Delaware with George Washington! 
  • Preserve history’s course with Mary Shelley and Lord Byron!

All of these adventures (and more!) are locked inside these pages for you and your favorite tabletop group to explore! Click the links below to learn more about these journeys through time.

Paradoxes and Possibilities was originally part of ZineQuest 2021 and was fully funded in under 90 minutes. It ultimately reached over 400% of its goal.

Illustrator and co-author Sophie Iles has this to say: “It’s a very surreal feeling to have finished Paradoxes! I fell into the tabletop scene primarily because of the pandemic. With everyone stuck at home, I started playing RPGs online and found a wonderful community and hobby to take part in. Paradoxes, for me, is an extension of that, including a love of the time travel movies and TV shows I grew up watching. 

“It’s tough to pinpoint my favourite part of Paradoxes because working with James is always a treat in anything we do. I think apart from writing the Buzzard’s treasure – which was a delight in itself because who doesn’t love pirates? – was actually being able to playtest something we had created together and watch newcomers and old hands in the RPG scene enjoy our ideas and content!”

James Bojaciuk said, “Thank you to all of our Kickstarter backers. Without all of you, none of this would be possible. (And to Sophie Iles, one of my favorite collaborators, and the 18thWall team.) After many years playing and writing tabletop games, it’s a delight to explore the possibilities (if you’ll pardon the pun) of a complete stand-alone game. I cut my teeth on games that ran only a few pages or less, and it was a delight to go from working within the space of one page to 294.”



Please note, the Amazon version only contains the core text in Kindle format. Player-hand outs, character sheets, and other resources must be downloaded separately via the provided link within the ebook.