Sherlock Holmes – The Science of Deduction (Volume 6)


Lisa and Gina Gomez

“Ah, old age. Something that haunts us all, inevitably. A fear that tugs on our heart strings and nags at our minds ever since we are born. Sherlock probably never thought he would be involved in a case ever again, yet here he is, admitting that he cannot vanquish evil because of a physical limitation. He was about sixty-three years old now…”


Professor Moriarty is alive!


Decades after Reichenbach’s swirling cauldron, Moriarty has returned. In his absence he has created the ultimate plan for revenge–one not settled on assassins and conspiracies, but solely on his own genius.


Professor James Moriarty has installed himself among the inspectors of Scotland Yard, laying the groundwork for the final destruction of Sherlock Holmes. When Holmes arrives in London for one last case, the disguised Moriarty will accompany him, playing cat and mouse from Sherlock Holmes’ very side.


He will commit the perfect murder of one of Holmes’ associates.


He will see Dr. Watson imprisoned for the crime.


He will triumph over the Master Detective…



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