Just Like in the Movies Episode Four:  In Pursuit of Dracula

Micah S. Harris There can be little doubt that most people know the world’s most famous vampire from the movies rather than Bram Stoker’s novel, even though Dracula has never been out of print since its 1897 debut. Although it was the movies that created “the legend” that light from the sun will kill a […]

Just Like In The Movies: Little Things Mean a Lot – How a Two-Day Screenplay, a One-Day Shoot, Fifteen Minutes of Film, and One Lady Set Off The Modern Intellectual Property Wars.*

 *And Made It Increasingly Unlikely J.K. Rowling Will Ever Live Long Enough To Spend All Her Money (Stephen King, Too) Micah S. Harris The legacy of the nineteenth century’s great age of invention includes not only cars, telephones, radios, and motion pictures, but also each and every cease and desist letter that ever broke a […]

Just Like in the Movies: The Origins of Cinematic Narrative

Micah S. Harris Welcome to our latest column, Micah S. Harris’ Just Like in the Movies. While Harris is a PulpArk New Pulp Awards winning author, well-known for his historical fantasy, in his day job he’s a film professor and historian. On the fourth Thursday of every month, Micah will stop by to speak about […]

Those Magnificent Writers on Their Writing Machines #1 (8/3/2016)

James Bojaciuk Welcome to the newest feature on the 18thWall Productions site, “Those Magnificent Writers on their Writing Machines.” Each week, we’ll see what our writers are up to, tease you on upcoming 18thWall releases, and sometimes give you other exclusive previews and treats. What have our authors been up to? Nicole Petit Nicole Petit’s […]