Hello, everyone! Thank you so much for you votes! Because this is as much your victory as ours, and all of you came out to vote for us, we’d like to take a few minutes to share the results of this year’s Critters Readers’ Poll (formerly the Preditors & Editors Readers’ Poll). 

We’d like to congratulate all of our authors, artists, and editors for their wins!

To celebrate, our Readers’ Poll winners will be 50% off in our store through this weekend.
This is your chance to read Gabriel’s Trumpet, Sockhops & Seances, and The Chromatic Court!  

First Place Winners

Best Horror Novel – Gabriel’s Trumpet by Jon Black

“The Savoy Ballroom was jumping. Fess Williams led his Royal Flush Orchestra through a furious rendition of “Hot Town” as patrons Lindy hopped across the dancefloor.”

Check out Gabriel’s Trumpet here!

Best All Other Short Stories – Son of the Wolf by Kara Dennison (from Sockhops & Seances)


“Think back, if you will, to the Werewolf.”

Check out “Son of the Wolf” here!

Best Magical Realism Short STory – When Lavender is in Bloom by Christine Morgan (from The Chromatic COurt)

“It is a bad place for a stranger,” the old man told me. “You’d better take a guide.”

Check out “When Lavender is in Bloom” here!

Top Ten Winners

#2 Best Science-Fiction/Fantasy Short Story – A Single Wolf, Grey & Gaunt by Sophie Iles (from Sockhops & Seances)

“On the outskirts of Cornwall, a little boy and a giant dog played fetch on the beach.”

Check out “A Single Wolf, Grey and Gaunt” here!

#2 Best Book Editor – Nicole Petit


You can check out Nicole Petit’s anthologies here!


#2 Best Artwork – Johannes Chazot’s The Chromatic Court


You can check out The Chromatic Court, and all of Johannes Chazot’s artwork, here!

#3 Best Horror Short Story – The Songs of Burning Men by John Linwood Grant (from The Chromatic Court)

“Private Carter failed to die tonight.”

Check out “The Songs of Burning Men” here!

#4 Best Cover Art – Barbara Sobczyńska’s Gabriel’s Trumpet

Check out Gabriel’s Trumpet here!

#9 Best Anthology – Sockhops & Seances, curated by Nicole Petit

Last, but far from least, you can check out Sockhops & Seances here!


  • February 17, 2021

    Elizabeth Duffy

    I’m always mind blown by the artwork produced for the front cover of these books. Amazing team of artists…