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The Critters Readers’ Poll (Formerly the Predators & Editors Readers’ Poll)

Best Horror Novel – Gabriel’s Trumpet by Jon Black

Horror Short Story – The Songs of Burning Men by John Linwood Grant (from The Chromatic Court)

Sci-Fi/Fantasy – A Single Wolf, Grey & Gaunt by Sophie Iles (from Sockhops & Seances)

Magical Realism – When Lavender is in Bloom by Christine Morgan (from The Chromatic COurt)

All Other Short Stories – Son of the Wolf by Kara Dennsion (from Sockhops & Seances)

Best Anthology – Sockhops & Seances, curated by Nicole Petit

Best Editor – Nicole Petit

Best Artwork – The Chromatic Court

Best Cover Art – Gabriel’s Trumpet

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This ends January 14th, so please vote soon!

THe This Is Horror Awards

Novel of the Year – Gabriel’s Trumpet by Jon Black
Novella of the Year – The Green Muse by Jon Black
Anthology of the Year – The Chromatic Court, edited by Peter Rawlik
Publisher of the Year – 18thWall Productions
Cover Art of the Year – Johannes Chazot’s cover for Casefiles of the Royal Occultist: Monmouth’s Giants

We would also recommend voting for our friends at Occult Detective Magazine for Fiction Magazine of the Year.

How To Vote:

Full Instructions may be found here

1) Send your nominations to with the subject line ‘This Is Horror Award Nominations 2019′.

2) Please include one sentence about each work you nominate, and why you believe it’s worthy of an award.

This ends January 8th, so please vote soon!