Short Stories & Novellas

Overdue: Tales of Mystery and Adventure
Returning History’s Lost Books to Circulation

Overdue is a shared-universe anthology joining together M.H. Norris’s All the Petty Myths and Jon Black’s Bel Nemeton.

Bring us stories about questing for lost books. The books may come from actual history, myth, literature (remember to check copyright status), or your imagination. Among the genres we will consider are Adventure, Gothic, Horror, Pulp, Mystery, Magical Realism, Thriller, Urban Fantasy, and Weird Fiction.

More important than the genre are meeting the five criteria below:

1) Feature innovative storytelling and excellent writing.
2) Revolve around the search for a lost book (see “The Set-Up” and “Sample Books” below).
3) Fit into the parameters of the Shared Universe (see “Defining the Shared Universe” below).
4) As part of the Shared Universe parameters, the main action must occur in the present day. Flashbacks and vignettes exploring the history of a book, however, are perfectly acceptable.
5) Also as part of the Shared Universe parameters, stories must take place in our world (Sorry, no alt-history, steampunk, stories set on other planets, etc.).

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Deadline: September 15th, 2018
Word Count: 4,000-20,000


18thWall Productions is always open to novel submissions.

Please send us your first 20,000 words, a full outline, and a cover letter (i.e. your email) where you tell us something about yourself (including previous credits) and what led you to write your novel. Don’t stress it. A mangled cover letter won’t kill your chances with us. Like with any first date, the best advice is this: just be yourself.

We prefer that your novel submission follow the William Shun format outline, except that you use Times New Roman. It’s easier on our poor, editorial eyes.

Your email header should be Novel Submission: Title, Author’s Name, Wordcount.

Email your submission packet to

Please do not submit a manuscript with hyperlinks. If a link is required, we will discuss that upon acceptance.

We are not open to simultaneous submissions.


We are always willing to audition new artists. We’re specifically interested in cover art, interior illustrations, and graphic designers. If you don’t fit into any of those categories, we’re all the more interested to speak with you.

Attach three examples of your work, a curriculum vitae (if you haven’t been previously published, don’t worry–that won’t hurt you at all), and a cover letter (i.e. your email) telling us a bit about yourself. Best of luck!

Send your submission to