Those Magnificent Writers on Their Writing Machines #2 (12/17/2016)

James Bojaciuk

Welcome to the newest feature on the 18thWall Productions site, “Those Magnificent Writers on their Writing Machines.” Regularly, we’ll see what our writers are up to, tease you on upcoming 18thWall releases, and sometimes give you other exclusive previews and treats.

A magnificent writer on his writing machine.

What have our authors been up to?

As ever, authors and their works are in no order whatsoever.

Nicole Petit

Nicole Petit had a chance to be interviewed by John Linwood Grant on his soon-to-be-famous site, greydogtales. Click over for a chat about King Arthur, Sophie Aldred’s Ace, editing, curating, and After Avalon.

Nicole Petit on greydogtales

If you’re curious what this whole After Avalon business is, click the nifty ad below.

Hannah Lackoff

Hannah has been remarkably busy, as of late.

Two of her stories have recently been featured on the Manawaker Studio’s Flash Fiction Podcast.

The Path of Bones

The Path of Bones, featured on episode 144.

Download The Path of Bones here.

The Beer Connoisseur

“The Beer Connoisseur,” featured in episode 138.

Download The Beer Connisseur here.

“Six” appears, appropriately enough, in issue six of Shoreline of Infinity.

Following in “Six” footsteps, her story “Seven Ate Nine” appears in Flapperhouse #12.

“I Hope This Doesn’t Hurt My Chances,” a story Hannah describes as [FILL IN], appears in Dark Moon Digest issue #25. It’s also available on Amazon.

Lastly, Hannah’s story “Gamer” appears in Spirit’s Tincture Issue 2, available free online, and also in print.


You can also pick up a preview of her collection, After the World Ended, right here. 

Pedro  Iniguez

Pedro’s first novel has recently released! Be sure to pick up a copy–Pedro is a very talented author, and this promises to be something special.

GREATER LOS ANGELES 2166 CE… WHEN A PROMINENT BUSINESSMAN is brutally murdered, Detective Audric Devereux is assigned the case. But nothing could have prepared him for a puppet master’s deadly game, a game that turns innocent women into mindless, cybernetic killing machines. Now, delving deep into the streets, Devereux must weave through the crazed, violent underbelly of the City of Angels, as death stalks the innocent and guilty alike.

Pedro’s story “Killadelphia” was just recently announced for Altered States II. Keep your eyes out for it.

Josh Reynolds

Speaking of remarkably busy authors…If anyone’s going to outpace Hannah, it’s Josh. In just the last few weeks, he’s released, announced, or otherwise had his fingers in the pies of the following:

Josh’s novel, Fabius Bile: Primogenitor, is available now from Black Library! (And on Amazon as well.) As he describes it, it’s “the perfect Christmas gift for Grandma!”

Josh was also recently interviewed at Black Library Live 2016.

His other new novel, Nagash: The Undying King, is available now~exclusively from Warhammer World.

The third of Josh’s four Advent 2016 stories released recently. Find it, his other advent stories, and an Advent subscription here.

Brian M. Sammons and Glynn Owen Barrass’ recent anthology, The Children of Gla’aki, was discussed at length on Microphones of Madness. You can listen to Part One here, and Part Two here. Josh’s story, a Royal Occultist tale, is discussed at length in Part Two.

John Linwood Grant

Occult Detective Quarterly #1 is currently at the printers!

A contents list has recently been revealed as well.

If Sam Gafford, Travis Neisler, Dave Brzeski and I don’t go insane first, ODQ1 will now have even more in it than expected, including EIGHT chunky stories, one of which is a novelette! Looks like 96 pages of goodness, including styles/eras such as Classic PI, Edwardian, Cosmic Horror, 1920s, Victorian hauntings and contemporary chills.


“Got My Mojo Working” David T. Wilbanks & William Meikle
“When Soft Voices Die” Amanda DeWees
“Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You” Adrian Cole
“Orbis Tertius” Josh Reynolds
“MonoChrome” T.E. Grau
“Baron of Bourbon Street” Aaron Vlek
Occult Legion Chapter One: “The Nest” William Meikle
“The Adventure of the Black Dog” Oscar Dowson


The Occult Files of Doctor Spektor – Charles R Rutledge
The Man Behind Doctor Spektor: An Interview with Don F. Glut – Charles R Rutledge
“How to be a Fictional Victorian Ghost Hunter (In Five Easy Steps)” Tim Prasil


Dave Brzeski and James Bojaciuk

Watch this space for more reveals on what Mr. Grant is doing with 18thWall Productions.

J Patrick Allen

His podcast, Rocket Punch Radio, can now be found on YouTube (in addtion to all the usual places).

Gregg Chamberlin

Gregg shares page-space with Hannah in Shoreline of Infinity #6, where you can find his story “A Visit at St. Nick’s.”