Those Magnificent Writers on Their Writing Machines #1 (8/3/2016)

James Bojaciuk

Welcome to the newest feature on the 18thWall Productions site, “Those Magnificent Writers on their Writing Machines.” Each week, we’ll see what our writers are up to, tease you on upcoming 18thWall releases, and sometimes give you other exclusive previews and treats.

What have our authors been up to?

Nicole Petit

Nicole Petit’s Just So Stories has released, featuring nine all-new Just So Stories in the immortal tradition of Rudyard Kipling. Even better, it includes a rare Just So Story from Kipling’s own pen, often left out of collected editions, and a rare introduction to his tales that only appeared once previously.

Watch this space for more news about Just So Stories.

Just So Stories Ebook Cover

Nicole Petit’s interview has become the most listened to episode on the popular Television Crossover Universe Podcast. Robert E. Wronski Jr. had this to say. “As a rule, I don’t discuss the podcast stats publicly because I don’t want our guests to feel that their numbers are any reflection on them. However, this is worth mentioning. Simon R. Green’s episode, our first episode, has held the # 1 spot since the show’s beginning… until today. Episode # 11, featuring Nicole Petit, has climbed up to our number one spot. I hope this is also reflective in sales of her books. Nicole, you just surpassed a New York Times Best Seller.”

Listen to her interview here!

After Avalon, Nicole’s upcoming collection, will be appearing in a matter of days. Watch this space for news.

M.H. Norris

M.H. Norris’ installment in The Science of Deduction, The Whole Art of Detection, recently released. Be sure to check it out!

More enticingly, The Whole Art of Detection teases characters and elements from her upcoming series. This is your chance to get in on the series before everyone’s reading it.

book cover the whole art of

Lisa and Gina Gomez

Two of our newest writers, the detective duo Lisa and Gina Gomez, recently attended Nerd HQ 2016, where they had a chance to chat with the crew of the BBC’s Sherlock. You can watch the interview here. Skip to 5:38 to hear Steven Moffatt and Mark Gatiss threaten to sue Lisa and Gina for infringement.

You should certainly look into Lisa and Gina’s debut novella, Moriarty’s Final Problem.

book cover Moriary's final problem

Hannah Lackoff

Hannah Lackoff’s After the World Ended is now available from Innisfree Poetry Bookstore & Cafe! If you’re in Boulder CO., be sure to stop by and pick up a copy.

Innisfree_Hannah Lackoff

Josh Reynolds

Josh made it onto Ellen Datlow’s honorable mentions for Horror of the Year: Volume 8. He narrowly missed the cut with his excellent “Seeking Whom He May Devour,” from The Lovecraft ezine #35 (you can read it here). We wish him the best of luck in making into Datlow’s collection next year; it’s an overdue honor.

Carnacki_The New Adventures

You can find one of Josh Reynold’s latest stories, “The Delphic Bee,” in Ulthar Press’ Carnacki: The Lost Cases.

Additionally, you can get two of Reynold’s previous stories–“Incident at the Plateau of Tsang” and “The Fates of Dr. Fell”–on sale from April Moon Books, in the collections Ill-Considered Expeditions and Spawn of the Ripper.

Short Sharp Shocks

John Linwood Grant

Science of Deduction writers strike again, scoring a second, third, and fourth story in Ulthar Press’ Carnacki: The Lost Cases. Mr. Grant, who should not be confused with J. Linseed Grant, also recently appeared in Martian Migraine Press’ Cthulhusattva: Tales of the Black Gnosis.


You can find Mr. Grant at at greydogtales, where long dogs and readers eagerly await the next adventure of Mr. Dry.

James Bojaciuk

Making the collection something of a Science of Deduction reunion, James also has a story in Carnacki: The Lost Stories. He promises that it’s not the worst story in the collection.

J. Patrick Allen

In Dead West news, J. Patrick Allen has a sign. Admire it.


Watch this space for upcoming Dead West news, including a special event regarding the first book, West of Pale, and announcements on the series’ future.

Robert E. Wronski Jr.


Rob’s podcast, The Television Crossover Universe Podcast, continues to be a smash success. In the last 30 days, as of June 29th, 2016, the podcast had 4,496 listeners. Every week, the audience grows. Why not join the cool kids and listen in?

Recently, Rob and the TVCU Crew have interviewed John Linwood Grant, Guy Adams, Jim Beard, Godzilla (okay, it’s a discussion episode about Godzilla), and Micah S. Harris.

Elizabeth Hopkinson

Elizabeth, who has been featured in The Dragon Lord’s Library: Volume 2 and Those Who Live Long Forgotten II,was recently featured as r/Fantasy’s author of the day.

Be sure to check it out! It’s an excellent feature.

Editorial Staff

Staff Editor Tali is hard at work cataloguing our recent releases.