The Raconteur Roundtable #17 – The Sex Pistols of Doctor Who – Lawrence Burton (Faction Paradox)

Aztecs! Mesoamerican gods! Doctor Who! Lawrence Burton joins James, Tina, and Will to discuss his Faction Paradox novel Against Nature, his paintings, working with Obverse Books, and his interest in Mesoamerican culture. An extended word on rituals, rejected Doctor Who novels–and how he became an Englishman in Texas. After that, our hosts have a digression-beset discussion of the first Doctor serial “The Aztecs.” Just how dangerous is drinking cocoa?

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RR #16 – Sladen’s Preferred Nurse Uniform – Joseph Lidster (Doctor Who & SJA)

Joseph Lidster joins James, M.H., and Will to discuss his The Sarah Jane Adventures serials, his work on the Doctor Who Experience (particuarly writing that speech for Lalla Ward’s Romana), writing the Doctor Who Skype bot and Sherlock‘s web content, and his Big Finish audio stories Master and The Rapture. How did Ace get a brother? Was Master inspired by Charles Williams? Who is Pain’s Champion? All of this will be answered, and more.

All this, and M.H. talks about the writing lessons she learned from his Sarah Jane Adventures scripts.

RR #15 – Kraken v Loch Ness – William Meikle, Storyteller

William Meikle joins the gang to talk about his Cryptid Clash!novella, The Mouth of the Ness, which features all the finest Viking vs. Loch Ness Monster vs. Kraken action you could demand. Then his new James Bond novella, Into the Green, which confronts 007 with a quietly Lovecraftian menace (in a story where Bond can barely trust himself). Everyone also discusses the rest of Willie’s work.

All this, and James and Ben discuss the time travel murder mystery Erased. Why is it one of the best TV series in recent memory?

The Raconteur Roundtable #14 – The Dos and Don’ts of Indie Film – Fraser Coull (Cops and Monsters)

Fraser Coull, award-winning indie filmmaker, joins M.H. and James to discuss his series Cops and Monsters. They cover everything from indie filmmaking in general to Cops and Monsters‘ conception, to on-set anecdotes, to the trials and tribulations of crowdfunding, to their shared experiences in the 48 Hour Film Festival. He gives a great overview of what you should know, and should do, when it comes to indie filmmaking

After that, M.H. takes a look back on the indie film projects she’s worked on, telling you what you must notcould not, and should not do.

The Raconteur Roundtable #8 – Script Doctor (Who) & Vinyl Detective – Andrew Cartmel

Andrew Cartmel, mystery author and former Doctor Who script editor, joins the gang to reflect on his new novel–The Vinyl Detective: the Run-Out Groove (which you need to read immediately), his favorite authors, and his time on Doctor Who. Join us for an extended discussion on the art of novel writing, and the first Vinyl Detective novel, Written in Dead Wax. We take it apart, and see what made it such a great novel. Then we have exclusive information on just what happened to Andrew’s “lost” Torchwood episode, explainations for one of Ghost Light’s enduring mysteries, and the best novel-outline system we’ve heard of. Andrew also compares writing fantasy, of a sort, with his and Ben Aaronovitch’s Rivers of London comics vs sci-fi like Doctor Who. Nicole Petit joins the gang for the main interview. All this, and and M.H. and James duel over duels.

The Raconteur Roundtable #7 – Memories, Doctor Who, and Big Finish Competitions – Ian Atkins

A delightful discussion with Ian Atkins on his role at Big Finish Productions, his memories of Paul Spragg, a look back at the first year of the Paul Spragg Memorial Competition and helpful tips for this year’s submissions, what Doctor Who should be, The Second Doctor box set and “The Story of Extinction,” fancy kilt, and Frazier Hines’ puppet show. All this, and Ben Kasson’s best Rick and Morty impression. If that’s not enough for you, M.H. Norris is shocked to silence at one of Ian’s revelation.

The Raconteur Roundtable #6 – Forever Fallen – Big Finish Competition with Joshua Wanisko

Joshua Wanisko, winner of Big Finish Productions’ Paul Spragg Memorial Competition, joins the gang to talk about his winning Short Trip, “Forever Fallen,” as well as a wide-ranging number of topics from Doctor Who, to Roger Zelazny, to literary drinking games, to Lovecraft eZine, to con experiences. Nicole Petit, the guest-hostess-with-the-mostess, stops by to discuss a primer on where to start with classic Doctor Who–both in the televised stories, and Big Finish audio adventures. All this, and M.H. has quite the adventure; you don’t want to miss this!

The Raconteur Roundtable #5 – Justice League on the Playground – JL8 with Yale Stewart

In one of our most in-depth interviews yet, Ben Kasson and Yale Stewart settle in for an intimate conversation about his thoughts on the comic industry as a whole, the indie comics sphere, webcomics, his inspirations, and his work–including a lengthy look at JL8, and discussion of his work for DC Comics, Dynamite, and other publishers. They talk about his surprising team-up, of sorts, with Neil Gaiman, and his storytelling philosophy.  All this, and a happened-to-be-recorded conversation between Nicole Petit, Ben, and James about how little logical sense J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek makes. (A nearly M.H. Norris-free episode.)

The Raconteur Roundtable #4 – Sophie Aldred – Ace of Strangeness in Space

Sophie Aldred, Doctor Who’s Ace McShane herself, visits the Roundtable to talk about her new, award-winning comedy podcast Strangeness in Space. We also talk about Doctor Who, her sons’ roles in Tree Fu Tom and Now You See Me 2, Big Finish Productions, Ace’s characterization and history, her role as an ancient vampire (on Cops and Monsters), Mel’s return to the TARDIS, and an extended discussion on Batman earrings, Ace’s jacket and badges, and that famous skintight costume. All this, and pervo-shine!

The Raconteur Roundtable #3 – The Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society (Kara Blake & Tina DeLucia)

After a very silly discussion about who the next Doctor should be (Ryan Reynolds! Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone!), the gang talks to award-winning documentarian Kara Blake about Delia Derbyshire, the composer behind the Doctor Who theme. Philtre Films, the Radiophonic Workshop, Delia’s career and legacy, The Delian Mode, Tune in 1949, Derby and Groma’s surprise real-world conclusion, Pam Pam, difficult art, and MH’s geographic know-how are all topics of discussion. Then Ben and James check-in with Tina DeLucia, B&W Who expert, for more information on Delia Derbyshire and the missing middle eight. All this, worth much more than a thousand dollars a second.