Announcement: Meet Our Blog Coordinator, Soph Iles

James Bojaciuk

18thWall Productions is thrilled to announce a new member of our time–the excellent Sophie Iles–who will be taking charge of our blog. She’ll be handling the posts, working with our authors, bringing in new bloggers, and making your 18thyWall blog experience one of your favorite daily website visits!

Get to Know Soph

Sophie Iles is our recent addition to the team as our new Blog Coordinator, and she is British to boot. She’s renowned for constantly wearing odd socks, spiking her short hair to odds-defying heights, and bringing up Doctor Who at any given opportunity.

Lovingly referred to as a ‘Joan of all trades’ by friends, Sophie has been a production assistant, an unqualified teacher, a coffee shop barista, and A Build A Bear mascot—but her real passion is a love of characters, and how they develop in a well-woven tale.

Her worldly knowledge spans a cozylook on animation due to her arts degree to her untamed love of story-telling since she was given a amateur class in mythology by her wizen old grandmother.

Sophie can be reached on her Twitter, Tumblr, and by email. You can also find her currently hiding out in Cardiff, United Kingdom.

Announcement: Preditors and Editors Readers’ Poll 2016

James Bojaciuk and Ben Kasson

You did it again.

You absolutely floored us with your kindness.

Not only did you nominate us for multiple categories in the 18th Annual Preditors and Editors Readers’ Poll, you voted with us in such force that we either won or placed in the top ten in nearly every category.

That’s unbelievable.

Thank you so much for your continued support, and kindness. We do this for you.

Congratulations, and thanks, to all our authors, editors, and artists for the fine work you do. You’re outstanding, every one of you.

Whenever anything we’ve released receives an award, we can’t help but feel an overwhelming surge of pride and gratitude for the people we’ve met and gotten to work with while embarking upon this crazy road.

It’s times like these that make every bump and every pothole worth it.

We got into publishing not only because we couldn’t stay away from the world of literature if we tried, but also because we wanted everyone involved in the process to be better appreciated, from artists, to authors, to editors. This goes a long way toward giving them the appreciation they deserve.

Without further ado, let’s review our winners, in alphabetical order.

After Avalon

Our big winner, After Avalon, walked away with two awards…

Barbara Sobczyńska’s gorgeous cover–which Jon Black called “dreamlike and hauntingly symbolist”–took home the well-deserved award for Best Artwork. Barbara specializes in spectral visions that tease the imagination and capture your imagination. She did no less with this cover. She can capture mood and intangible ideas with the greatest of ease.

It’s impossible to say enough kind, or insightful, things about her art. It needs to be seen to be appreciated, and I can only hope this increases her audience tenfold.

After Avalon itself was also voted the #4 best anthology, Congratulations to Colin Fisher, Leigh Ann Cowan, Amy Wolf, Thomas Olivieri, Jon Black, Patricia S. Bowne, Claudia Quint, David Wiley, Christian Bone, Patrick S. Baker, and Elizabeth Zuckerman; special congratulations to the curator, Nicole Petit, for assembling the book, and discovering what became of Logres after Camelot fell.

Readers have responded overwhelmingly for this book full of the Arthurian world’s magic.

Nicole Petit

Nicole Petit earned a bronze medal finish for all of her editing this year, ranging from her unique anthologies After Avalon and Just So Stories to her role as 18thWall Productions’ native series editor (particularly notable, in 2016, for her work on Dead West). I’ve never met anyone with a greater innate understanding of storytelling, or knowledge of what makes a story the best it can possibly be. She earned this award a dozen times over.

I also don’t know of anyone better at discovering new talent, encouraging writers to be their best, guiding stories and prose to their brightest, or, simply, being a writer’s support and friend. The literary world is lucky to have an editor like her, and 18thWall is equally as lucky to employ her.


A Study in Grey

John Linwood Grant’s A Study in Gray was proud to walk away with…

John placed tenth with this entry in his The Last Edwardian series, a weird fiction series that has more than earned its first award.

I’m not sure where John has been keeping himself all these years, but from the moment he did appear, I knew three things. First, that his fiction had something of the touch of the early Neil Gaiman–obviously magical, and character-focused while old-time-narrator-driven, and deeply inspired by pre-war genre trends. Second, that he would make a name for himself and win an absurd amount of readers and awards. Third, obviously, that a writer this excellent deserves a place to write, and that I should quickly give it to him.

To John! Let this be the first award of many!

The Whole Art of Detection

M.H. seems to be trying to make winning awards for her mystery novellas as effortless as Cinderella’s make-over. She was proud to be awarded…

She earned the #4 spot in the awards for The Whole Art of Detection, with her tale of Sherlock Holmes’ legacy, rip-off fantasy novelists, incredibly astute detectives, wise women, the lies we choose to believe, and certain worms unknown to science.

M.H. has grown very much as a writer since she appeared on the scene with Badge City: Notches, and it’s been a great pleasure, as a publisher, to give her a playground where she can grow to her full potential.

Rather than say anything else, I’m excited to see her even more grow into her role as “mystery maven.”

Runner Up: The Dragon Lord’s Secretary

I wouldn’t normally mention a runner up, but all of you fought hard for The Dragon Lord’s Secretary. As I watched the rankings in the last day, I saw this one briefly break into the top ten before falling back. It bounced up and down the rankings several times before the contest ended with it at #15. In the end, I imagine it only missed the top ten by five or six votes.

Thank you for all your support for Nicole’s novel!

Preditors and Editors Winners’ Sale

Perhaps you knew this was coming. it seems to be a tradition with us and awards. But we like to take this moment to give you a chance to read any of our winners you haven’t already read, and see what all the fuss is about.

Until March 1st, all of our winners are 20% off!

You can find them at the links below!

After Avalon

Just So Stories

Dead West: West of Pale

A Study in Grey

The Whole Art of Detection

The Dragon Lord’s Secretary