State of the Wall (10/24/15)

Hello, and welcome to our new website!

We’ve been working on this for many months now, planning it, coding it, and making sure everything works well. We’re proud of it. When we created the simple, WordPress site that served us for so long, we weren’t sure if 18thWall Productions would succeed. Now, thanks to all of you, we’re moving into full production.

If you’re wondering what’s coming up soon:

  • The Dragon Lord’s Library is in the final stages of pre-production and will be available shortly.
  • Nicole Petit’s novel The Dragon Lord’s Secretary and anthology Just So Stories, Hannah Lackoff’s After the World Ended, and  Michael Giere’s One Mountain at a Time are awaiting either cover production or final delivery of their covers, and will reach retailers soon after.
  • M.H. Norris’ All the Petty Myths is nearing the finish of its submission cycle; after that date, work on it will suspend until all of Norris’ specially selected authors turn in their manuscripts.
  • Those Who Live Long Forgotten and Sleep Still, Charnel Horse will soon arrive in print.
  • Ro McNulty’s Those Who Live Long Forgotten II is currently being edited.
  • We’ll soon be opening submissions for a collection of Arthurian tales, curated by Nicole Petit.
  • Next year’s schedule is filling up, and we’ll let you know all about it come January.

If you’re wondering what will be happening hereabouts, our site schedule will be as follows:

  • Monday: We’ll be sharing an exclusive entry from Robert E. Wronski Jr.’s The Horror Crossover Encyclopedia.
  • Wednesday: M.H. Norris will be bringing us a new blogpost, talking about editing, writing, production, direction, and all the things that touch on the life of a new media creator.
  • Friday: As we step into the weekend, 18thWall will bring you a cheering bit of prose to get you through that last work day. It might be an excerpt from one of our releases, a story to get you inspired as you work on one of our submissions calls, or even a musing from one of our authors.

As the blog progresses, we’ll be adding features on Tuesday and Thursday. These are in pre-production at the moment, and we’ll keep you up to date on their progress.