The Raconteur Roundtable #3 – The Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society (Kara Blake & Tina DeLucia)

After a very silly discussion about who the next Doctor should be (Ryan Reynolds! Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone!), the gang talks to award-winning documentarian Kara Blake about Delia Derbyshire, the composer behind the Doctor Who theme. Philtre Films, the Radiophonic Workshop, Delia’s career and legacy, The Delian Mode, Tune in 1949, Derby and Groma’s surprise real-world conclusion, Pam Pam, difficult art, and MH’s geographic know-how are all topics of discussion. Then Ben and James check-in with Tina DeLucia, B&W Who expert, for more information on Delia Derbyshire and the missing middle eight. All this, worth much more than a thousand dollars a second.