The Science of Deduction (Volume 8): The Cocoon of His Dreams


Aaron Smith

The spiritualist trade is lively. When a famous man dies, all the false speakers for the dead converge, “summoning” the great man to speak to his admirers.

It is to be expected that Sherlock Holmes would be resurrected. It is to be expected that a livid Dr. Watson would sit through one such a display. It is not expected that Sherlock Holmes’ ghost should know the intimate details of his life, and speak with authority on private cases.

Could it be his ghost? How else could a medium speak through a man long dead?

Yet there is one problem. Sherlock Holmes is manifestly alive, and traveling the world in secret.

Mycroft Holmes can only trust one man to investigate this matter—one man whose mind is perfectly balanced between reason and the occult…

Professor Abraham Van Helsing.

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