Dead West (Volume 2): Bond of Blood


Virgil cleared his throat and patted me on the shoulder. “In the meantime, welcome to the Fraternal Order of the Knights of Charlotte.”

Dead Men who Cannot Die, Blazing Winchesters, and Legends of the Old West

Everyone brought something from the old country. Grandfather’s watch, and grandmother’s china; great-grandfather’s folklore, and great-great-grandmother’s fairy tales. What is never discussed, however, are the undying characters of the folklore: nix and fairy, goblin and vampire, dragon and eldritch things who all came to America’s shores in time with the rhyme of their tales.

The Knights of Charlotte hunt those things, ensuring what came from the dark stays in the dark.

Two of their knights have returned from the wild. Battered, bloody, and barely alive after West of Pale, Charlie and Samuel return to headquarters. It is time for one of the Knights’ meetings, a reunion for old comrades.

But two problems are waiting for them. First, their coffers run dry. Hunting folklore’s refuges doesn’t bring riches, and a rich man’s inheritance has expired. Second, an old comrade seems to have returned from the grave, fire in his belly supplanted by a fire a touch more hellish. He rampages across the west, refusing to die.

The Knights must ride out on one last quest…

Dead West: Bond of Blood  picks up where West of Pale and the award-winning short story “Dragonfly Shadow” left off. Also includes a bonus Carnacki: The Ghost-Finder short story!

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