Dead West (Volume 1): West of Pale


J Patrick Allen

Six-guns, blazing hooves, and the horrors that stalk the night.

Everyone brought something from the old country. Grandfather’s watch, and grandmother’s china; great-grandfather’s folklore, and great-great-grandmother’s fairy tales. What is never discussed, however, are the undying characters of the folklore: nix and fairy, goblin and vampire, dragon and eldritch things who all came to America’s shores in time with the rhyme of their tales.

After Charlie’s father is murdered by something impossible, he discovers a letter that leads him across the wild west. The man who wrote the letter promised to help, if things went wrong.

And things could not go more wrong. His father’s murderer is on his trail, materializing from lakes, rivers, and stray pools of water. He will not rest until Charlie has joined his father…

Dead West: West of Pale is the first book in J Patrick Allen’s Dead West series. This novel picks up right where is Pulp Ark New Pulp Awards (2016) nominated short story, “Dragonfly Shadow,” left off (featured in 18thWall Productions’ From the Dragon Lord’s Library: Volume 1).


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2 reviews for Dead West (Volume 1): West of Pale

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    David Sutherland

    A great original story set in the frontier midwest. Compelling, and a complete page turner, I read if cover to cover without putting it down. The author captures the feel of what the period had to be like without turning it into a history book. The fantasy elements are fantastic! I highly recommend it for anyone looking for something unique.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    A terrific first novel. Full of suspense. Great characters and one terrifying monster.

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