If Walls Could Talk: Writing Slump Confessions

M.H. Norris

I’ll admit that my latest project has slowed to a crawl lately and no matter what I do, I can’t seem to figure out how to get myself out of the writing slump I find myself in. Whether it’s the winter blues (January is a notoriously tough month for me writing-wise) or Second Book Syndrome (it’s a thing, look it up, I promise) but my All the Petty Myths story is kicking and screaming it’s way to completion.

Which then leaves me feeling frustrated and then I feel pressure cause I need to get it done and it’s not getting done and it’s a vicious cycle.

I have pages and pages of notes: suspects, clues, the UnSub (Unknown Subject or the culprit), my main character, and a variety of other things.

Yet, with all of that I still find myself struggling to get the story written. Anything and everything is more fun, more exciting than writing this story.

Writers all the time tell you that you should write every day and I’ll admit that I do feel better when I manage to get into the habit and stay there. But sometimes it’s hard. Yesterday, for example, I worked a 16 hour shift. There was no time for writing.

And then, I kick myself because I didn’t write. Or I give in and let myself play Pokémon instead of writing after work. Sure, I justify it by saying that it was a long day at work and I deserve the break. But…

Those multi-day stretches where I work add up. There sits the story, not getting done…

Like I said, it’s a vicious cycle and even my “let me work on multiple projects” idea isn’t helping the cause…

Normally, when I use the wall to talk, I give advice. But this time, I’m doing something a bit different. I’m asking you guys to give me advice. Throw me a message on Twitter or Facebook and tell me what you do to get out of your writing slump.