If Walls Could Talk: Musings From Under The Ice Pack

M.H. Norris

About six weeks ago, I started Krav Maga lessons as a way to get into shape. I’ve found the lessons to be a fun challenge.

How many crutches M.H. needs. (“And also a pile of crutches” – Nadya Peek)

I’m sure you’re wondering, what does this have to do with writing, Mary Helen?

Well. Most Tuesdays on The Time Travel Nexus, I write a weekly television-related post. Usually news, sometimes multiple stories, sometimes I fixate on one. Mondays and Thursdays usually find me at the gym, training, and this past Monday was no different. After a meeting with James to work on an upcoming short story, I found myself cutting it close to class and figured I would write yesterday’s post when I got home.

This is the part of this post where I put a note to consider submitting columns in advance.

This is also the part where I acknowledge I rarely follow this advice.

I arrived at class with minutes to spare and we begin. During one of the exercises we do (in fact, I feel the need to note for dramatic effect–we do this particular exercise every single class) I went to dodge, felt something pop in my ankle, and down I went.

First off, let me tell you that it HURT.

I sat down, watched the rest of class, and ended up calling for a ride to take me home so I wouldn’t have to drive.

And as I put ice on my ankle and wanted nothing more to lay down, I realized something.

I didn’t have a post for The Time Travel Nexus.

Between, Tina Marie Delucia, William Martin, James, and me, we worked to figure out how to make it work, to reach our goals.

The result?

We ended up with a stockpile of posts for The Time Travel Nexus. They really stepped it up.

Writing is often thought of as a solitary activity. You sit for hours at your computer typing away at the work of art you are creating.

But it’s far from it.

Writers need editors, publishers, other writers to bounce ideas off of. We need our friends and family to encourage us, to cheer us on, to understand why we say no to plans when a deadline looms ever nearer. When I joined The Time Travel Nexus, we were a team of three. Now we number around a dozen and are looking for new writers (you can find the information here). No matter what the fashion, writing is a team sport.

Especially when you’re sitting with your foot propped up, wrapped in an ace blanket.

Technically, the goal of this column week to week is for me to share what’s going on with my writing. Sometimes, I extend that to commentating on things I’ve seen or read recently.

What I’m currently going through right now is learning that sometimes, it’s important that I push myself to write even if I don’t feel like it. Stephen King mentions in “On Writing” that he writes every, single day – Christmas and his birthday included.

I have often confessed that I don’t have that kind of discipline.

But sometimes I have to push myself. After all, as a writer it is important I meet my deadlines. And with pushing myself, comes the satisfaction of overcoming obstacles to complete the task.