If Walls Could Talk: Five Years to Midnight

M.H. Norris

Merry Christmas, dear readers of my blog.

Today is a special day in my publishing career. It’s the fifth anniversary of the publication of my first published short story, “The Perfect Christmas,” in Doc Claus. For those of you who know me, it’s oddly fitting that my first short story was Christmas themed. It’s on my list to someday do an Christmas-themed All the Petty Myths novel.

Have you ever had that experience where you look back on stuff you wrote years ago and question all the creative choices your past self made? I’m in that stage. “The Perfect Christmas” was a fun place to start my career but, at times, I’m amazed at how much I’ve grown as a writer. Even this column has grown over the almost three years I’ve been doing it (James had to remind me that it used to be called Procedural Writing).

Today also marks the fact that the first book in the All The Petty Myths series, creatively titled All The Petty Myths, is now available in both ebook and paperback!

Get it in paperback here!

Considering (as of today) my writing career officially spans five years, it’s amazing that in one form or another, this project has existed for three of them.

Back when 18thWall Productions was just starting out, James approached me about ideas I might have for anthologies. I tossed around a couple ideas and we settled on the idea of taken myths and mixing them with mysteries.

About six months later, the submissions post appeared on this website with a filler name “All the Petty Myths,” because James and I were having trouble finding a good name we were going to use that as a holder for the time being. Except the name stuck and I’m attached to it now. Submissions closed on Halloween and after NaNoWriMo that year (if memory serves that’s the second year I won). I selected my stories and commissioned an extra story from James Bojaciuk.

Then would begin the real fun with this book.

Here we are, three years after 18thWall’s first book, Those Who Live Long Forgotten, and I’ve come a ways as a writer myself. The submission call came within weeks of Badge City: Notches’ release, and both Speakeasies and Spiritualists as well as The Whole Art Of Detection helped me further develop the world of Dr. Rosella Tassoni.

D.J. Tyrer and Marc Sorondo both added great stories to the collection. An excellent twist on locked room mysteries, and a unique spin on the lawyer-detective story.

But here it is!

Week to week I come on this blog and tell you what’s going on in my writing life. It’s oddly surreal to say that this project is finally seeing the light of day and is out there for all of you to see. Sitting here, I’m trying to think of how many times I’ve referenced it over the years while writing this column.

All The Petty Myths is here just in time for Christmas! That’s right. With two-day shipping you can get it in time for yourself or your favorite book lover.

And, if you’re in the mood to give a certain columnist the best present ever, you can leave a review of it on Amazon and GoodReads when you’re done.

And that doesn’t apply to just me. The best gift you can give your favorite small author is a review on Amazon. It helps Amazon notice their book which helps them get noticed by more people.

I hope you enjoy All The Petty Myths and I can’t wait to share more of Rosella’s adventures with you.

And, because I feel like I can’t say it nearly enough…

Merry Christmas