If Walls Could Talk: Dragon Libraries and Thanksgiving

M.H. Norris

If walls could talk this week, they’d be talking about one of three things this week. Or rather, the people around the wall would drown out whatever else it wanted to say with those three things.

First, happy 52nd birthday to Doctor Who.

Second, Thanksgiving is on all our minds. Visions of turkey and all the fixings dancing through our heads as we realize that we have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

From all of us here at 18thWall Productions, we want to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving. We hope that you have a fun day with family, food, friends, food–and did I mention food?

One thing we’re thankful for is actually the third thing that is occupying time at 18thWall’s watercooler. The digital release of From the Dragon Lord’s Library, curated by Nicole Petit. Out now, and available on this very site. Volume One & Volume Two are ready for your eager reading.

Did you ever wonder what a dragon keeps in his library?

You can tell a lot about a dragon by their hoard.

Not the shiny one, the other one. The one where they keep their favorite things. Some dragons keep a private stash of dwarven-wrought artifices, and others tapestries that run from wall-to-wall and corner-to-corner. The Dragon Lord himself has a library. A library that devours halls and caves, filling them with every kind of book and codex and scroll.

These are the stories that fill his favorite shelf. Of course they’re his favorites—they’re all about dragons. Pull these stories down. Breath in the vanilla scent that only comes from the oldest books. Savor the writing. Trace your fingers over the calligraphy.

Welcome to the finest library ever known.

Featuring stories by Jilly Paddock, Joanna Hoyt, Claire Davon, J. Patrick Allen, T. Fox Dunham, Dorian Graves, Denarose Fukushima, Kelly A. Harmon, E.A. Fow, Robert W. Caldwell, Jim Lee Patricia S. Bowne, Shawn Hossein Mansouri, Silas Green, Rose Taylor, Edward Ahern, Elizabeth Hopkinson, Gregg Chamberlain, Liam Hogan, Sylvia Downes, and Sue Pettit, this two part collection features the first volume for general audiences and the second volume for readers of all ages.

I’m thankful for the chance to get to come to the wall every week and give it a voice. I love the chance to get to sit down, type whatever is on my mind and hope that you enjoy it as well.

What are some things you are thankful for this Thanksgiving?

We can also be thankful for the idea of what’s to come in 2016. We’re heading into the last full month of stress and publishing and—finally—turkey. It’s a time where things are so magical (like dragons—couldn’t help that reference).

And we’re thankful for you all for coming to read our stories and for taking this journey with us.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

From the Dragon Lord’s Library: Volume 1

From the Dragon Lord’s Library: Volume 2