If Walls Could Talk: Can’t Talk About It

By M.H. Norris

A new site.

A new column.

A new chance to get to spend a bit of my week talking with you all about various projects that are coming your way soon. Whether it be writing, or projects I get to be playfully vague about.

I have a ton of things I will say are my favorites, like the thrill of a new project or the thrill when it starts to come to life and you finally get to see that this can and will be more than an idea.

I love getting to create, to share with you all the ideas I have and use words to create worlds and to bring ideas to life.

But often, there is one thing that is my least favorite is what I can’t talk about. The list of things I can’t talk about sometimes makes me want to make an actual list. Ask James, I’ve had to go to him a few times and ask, “can I talk about this yet?”

I get why that list exists but at times it’s frustrating.

The best example was my debut digest novel, Badge City: Notches. I couldn’t announce that it was coming out for the longest time and there were times where I wanted nothing more than to stand on the rooftop (one of the buildings at a local university has a rooftop patio that would have worked nicely) and announce to the world that I had a book out.

But I had to wait.

Oh the things we can’t talk about in this business. At the same time, the other side of the coin is that I get the privilege of knowing things first. I get the privilege of knowing things as they are developing. Then, when I get to announce them and get to see y’all’s reactions.

When James gave me a description of my new column, I told him that it was extremely vague. Since then, I realized that James is allowing me the freedom to talk about whatever I want. I’m not limited to one specific project or one specific topic. I’m allowed to have fun and talk with you all about whatever’s on my mind.

Well, whatever is on my mind that isn’t on that list…