Soph Watches Classic Doctor Who – The Web Planet

By Sophie Iles

This month marks officially a year since I started watching the First Doctor series properly for the first time after being nagged by a very special friend of mine. What’s the harm I remember thinking. It’s Doctor Who after all. Perhaps I’ll get something out of it.

A year later, here I am, talking about these adventures for this wonderful website. However, there is one confession I must make horridly clear. I skipped The Web Planet on my first proper watch-through of the series. I wish I could remember why. Was it what a friend had said about it not being a good story? Something had put me off regardless.

So officially, I’ve only in the past week watched this episode for the first time. With all it’s experiments with film, and only having alien creatures and no humanoids to deal with, it’s quite progressive in its creation.

But honestly, I didn’t nearly enjoy it as much as some of the other stories. Let’s get to the roots of why…

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Soph Watches Classic Who: An Interlude: The First Doctor Adventures Vol. 1 Review.

I have been torn in regards to this. On the one hand, as a First Doctor fan, and someone who adores the first series, this should be a blessing. New content after all is something I crave as a fan of the era. I loved Adventure in Space and Time as well. The actors, playing the actors who I have grown to love, Jacqueline Hill, Carole Ann Ford, William Russell and of course, William Hartnell.When the announcement was made that this would be a thing, I was excited. I had already heard Jemma Powell as Barbara.
I however, had more and more trepidation as information began to be revealed in regards to the project. William Russell and Carole Ann Ford weren’t even told in regards to them ‘being replaced’ and there were comments made at a recent convention over in the States, that led to more concern.I decided, despite these worries, to give it a listen.
I’m so glad that I did.

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