Soph Watches Classic Doctor Who – Planet of Giants

By Sophie Iles

It’s not secret by now that I am a fan of Ian Chesterton, and without a doubt his relationship with Barbara Wright. If you haven’t noticed, I suspect you might have to go back and read between the lines, but it’s all there in black and white. So, as today is William Russell’s birthday I’m very glad to be writing about one of my all time favourite Doctor Who stories.

Yes, you heard it here first. Please note upfront, I really struggle finding faults in this story, so I might just be gushing over my favourites for the rest of this article.

You have been warned.

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Soph Watches Classic Doctor Who – The Reign of Terror

By Sophie Iles
So, time to try out something different. For the entirety of this series, I’ve been doing parts to talk about these adventures in Doctor Who. From today’s article, I will be writing just one article per episode. I want to talk about the full story and what I liked about it in more depth, instead of describing the episode which I found so easy to do with the other articles.
So, let’s go through the fine details of the Reign of Terror, and see from my perspective how we feel about the story, and as a personal note; what does the animated revisions bring to it.

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Just Like in the Movies Episode Four:  In Pursuit of Dracula

Micah S. Harris

There can be little doubt that most people know the world’s most famous vampire from the movies rather than Bram Stoker’s novel, even though Dracula has never been out of print since its 1897 debut. Although it was the movies that created “the legend” that light from the sun will kill a vampire, Dracula owes his immortality to another kind of light, that of the illuminated movie screen.

As of 2012, the Guinness Book of World Records found Count Dracula to be the most portrayed literary character on the big screen with 272 appearances.*

However, this month we are concerned with the first two, both silent, both foreign, and both illegal.  

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